The Complete Autism Handbook

The essential resource guide for autism spectrum disorder in Australia and New Zealand.

The Complete Autism Handbook offers guidance, expert advice and above all support to parents raising a child with an autism spectrum disorder.

From the early signs and symptoms of ASD through to diagnosis, the intervention programs, medical theories and schooling, health professionals recommend The Complete Autism Handbook. The book also contains the most comprehensive guide to the resources, funding and support available for ASD families in Australia and New Zealand.

Authors Benison O'Reilly and Kathryn Wicks are professional writers and both have children with autism. They know from first-hand experience the essential information parents need to know to raise an ASD child.

First published in 2008, the bestselling The Complete Autism Handbook is now in its third edition, with New Zealand contributions from autism mother and academic, Linda Kimpton. 

Praise for The Complete Autism Handbook (previously titled The Australian Autism Handbook editions 1&2)

‘It is all here:  the shock, the grief, the pain, the trials, the quest for knowledge, the myth busting, the self-discovery and the triumphs.  If there is one book that Australian families embarking on the long autism journey should have, then this is it.’

— Judy Brewer Fischer, Parent and ASD advocate —

‘The Australian Autism Handbook was an absolute lifesaver when my son Max was diagnosed… It was and continues to be my autism bible.’

— Chloe Maxwell, parent and media personality —

‘The authors are parents of children with ASD, and the book is primarily written for families of a newly diagnosed child.  However, the Australian Autism Handbook will be invaluable for clinicians as a resource when talking to families and providing advice on services and resources.’

— Professor Tony Attwood, international Asperger—

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The Australian Autism Handbook

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