Benison Anne O'Reilly
Happily Ever After?

Hello and welcome to the website for my first novel, Happily Ever After?

As young girls we are brought up on fairytales—comforting stories that tell us that if we are good little princesses our virtue will be rewarded. We will marry the Prince Charming of our choice and a look forward to life of happily ever after.

Some of us—like Ellie Cooper—actually grow up believing it.

Happily Ever After? is Ellie's story. A story about finding out life isn't always the fairytale you planned, and discovering a lot about yourself along the way.

Does Ellie sound familiar? I'll admit she's a bit like me, although our lives have turned out differently. Maybe she's even like you...

I hope you enjoy reading Happily Ever After? I had a wonderful time writing it.



tiaraEllie Cooper is a smart blonde with a successful career and a finely tuned eye for human weakness. But that doesn't stop her from falling for the worst of romantic clichés - a fairytale wedding to her very own prince charming.

Contemporary fiction for real women, this book is funny, moving, sometimes sad and sometimes sexy.  eBook available on Amazon.

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Autism_Handbook_NEW_ED_front_cover-page0001_420x640The youngest of my boys, Joe, is on the autism spectrum, and the inspiration behind my first book, the Australian Autism Handbook, which I co-wrote with the gorgeous Seana Smith.  A new edition of the bestselling book, with new co-author Kathryn Wicks, was released in April 2013.


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