Happily Ever After?

What happens after the happily ever after…?

Eleanor Cooper is a smart, attractive blonde with a successful career and life clearly mapped out in front of her. That doesn’t stop her failing for the ultimate romantic cliché – a fairytale wedding to her very own Prince Charming, Tony.

But Ellie’s marriage, and new husband prove a lot more complicated than she bargained for.

Can Ellie and Tony survive their troubles? Can she forgive if not forget? Or should Ellie leave her prince for the love that is waiting for her?

That’s a choice only our heroine can make. And what if it’s the wrong one?

Funny, moving, sad, sexy – Ellie will become part of your life.

Bridget Jones has grown up.

And she is fabulous.

Praise for Happily Ever After?

‘An irreverent and painfully honest take on the fairytale of wedded bliss. O’Reilly is a wickedly funny, naughty, new Australian voice.’

— Grazia —

‘This book… will prompt you to re-evaluate your own ideas of forgiveness, unfaithfulness and when to walk away.’

— Madison —

‘A clever, sexy story for the reader who's outgrown chick-lit.’

— Women’s Day —


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Happily Ever After

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